PRJCT FLOW® is our subscription-based agency program for continuous work. With this subscription, you’re basically, purchasing agency time. Everything is customizable, as you can set the number of hours, where we spend that time on, and which tasks have priority. No struggles with long proposals, and no long-term contracts. And you can easily tune down or up your subscription on a monthly base.



How FLOW® works.

Real-time billing

No budget estimates, or lengthy proposals. We bill in real-time as we come up with new creative solutions.


Easy customization

We offer you a fully customizable subscription, you set the number of hours, how we spend those hours and which tasks have a priority.

Front row experience

You will always have one fixed point of contact within the PRJCT team. This person will make sure your ride will go smoothly. 


No long-term contracts

We build on 30-day commitment contracts. This gives you more freedom and if you don’t like the service you can cancell it after every month. 


Special needs, just ask

We will go the extra mile in order to create the best experience for our clients. 

Any new ideas ?

Do you want to discuss any new ideas to improve our service? Please contact us, or head over for a good cup of coffee and an eye opening conversation.

Services you get.

Social Media

—  Social Media Management
—  Content Creation
—  Graphic Work
—  Content Strategy
—  Social Media Planning


— Online Ad Management
— 360° Marketing Campaigns
— Experience Marketing
— Video Productions
— Photography
—  Print Media


—  Web development
—  Website design
—  UI & UX Design
—  SEO & SEA
—  Landing Pages

Branding & Identity

—  Brand Strategy 
—  Art Direction
—  Brand Guidelines
—  Brand Messaging
—  Content Strategy
—  Identity Design




– Startups
– eCommerce companies
– Food & drink businesses
– Events
– Fashion brands

Creators (COMNG SOON)

– Photographers
– Graphic Designers
– Producers / DJ’s
– Rappers
– Cinematoghaphers

Boost your brand now with FLOW®

We’ll reply to your inquiry in 24 hrs, detailing exactly how your brand will be fueled with the Flow Program. You will receive our whitepaper where you can find all the details about the program.