Just like any other agency we offer project based services. You can find all our capabilities here. But when you want to work with us you have two options; in-house or freelance. With in-house, you get agency quality from our team over at PRJCT Agency. If you choose to freelance, you get the freedom to select your own team of freelancers. Get the freedom of working with specialized freelancers, but let us manage the whole project and do the quality control. 



Let our office team tackle your projects. You give us the task and we will deliver. Our in-house video, photo, graphic design, marketing, and website experts will help you deliver an amazing end result.

+ Best bang for your buck

+ Educated team of experts

+ Insight in the project via ClickUp©

+ Perfect for small and big projects.



Get agency quality with freelancer freedom. You can easily pick your own team for your project from our creators and in-house experts. No more dealing with 3 or 4 freelancers from over the world, here you choose your freelancer and we will do the rest. 

+ Build your team to your needs

+ Choose from our portfolio of freelance creators

+ Insight in the project via ClickUp©

+ Dynamic pricing

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